Live opera registraties in Filmtheater Voorschoten uit Parijs en Barcelona

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      Filmtheater Voorschoten vertoont als één van de weinige Nederlandse bioscopen de volgende live streams uit Barcelona en Parijs en een opname van DNO:

      Di. 27 februari (19.45): Roméo et Juliette (live opera Barcelona)
      Wo. 18 april (19.30): Benvenuto Cellini (opera DNO Amsterdam)
      Do. 7 juni (20.00): Boris Godunov (live opera Parijs)
      Di. 19 juni (19.30): Don Pasquale (live opera Parijs)

      Di. 27 februari (19.45):
      Roméo et Juliette
      Stephen Lawless (VS/ES 2016)
      Frans gezongen, Engels ondert., 180 min., genre: live opera.
      Rechtstreekse live-stream van Charles Gounod’s opera ‘Roméo et Juliette’ uit 1867 naar William Shakespeare’s toneelstuk ‘The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’ vanuit het historische Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona. Regisseur: Stephen Lawless, dirigent: Josep Pons met het koor en orkest van het Gran Teatre del Liceu. Zang: Aida Garifullina, Saimir Pirgu e.a. Afwijkende toegangsprijs: € 15,-.

      The action is moved to the context of the American Civil War (1861-1865), providing clear context for the insurmountable divisions between the Capulets and the Montagues. The lovers live in a classic mortuary, foreshadowing their fatal destiny from the very start of their infatuation.
      A chorus tells the story of the long-running hostility between the Montague and Capulet families, and of the love between their children, Roméo and Juliette.
      Act 1
      At a masked ball in the Capulets’ palace, Juliette, the host’s vivacious daughter, and Roméo meet each other for the first time, instantly falling in love. But Roméo is the son of the Montague family, long-time enemies of the Capulets. Roméo and Juliette know that their love must remain secret.
      Act 2
      Later that night, Roméo looks for Juliette in the Capulets’ garden. When Juliette appears on her balcony, Roméo declares his love and they vow to marry.
      Act 3
      Roméo, Juliette and her nurse Gertrude arrive at Friar Laurence’s cell at daybreak. Friar Laurence marries the two, hoping that the strength of their love can overcome the hatred between their families. But the rift between the Capulets and the Montagues becomes insurmountable on the very same day of the wedding, when Juliette’s cousin Tybalt kills Roméo’s best friend Mercutio, and Roméo takes revenge by killing Tybalt. The Duke of Verona arrives, and both factions cry for justice. Roméo is banished from Verona.
      Act 4
      Roméo secretly spends his wedding night with Juliette. She forgives him for killing Tybalt and they reassure one another of their love before Roméo is forced to leave for exile. Lord Capulet enters: Juliette must marry Count Paris that day. In order to reunite the lovers and to prevent the forced marriage, Friar Laurence gives Juliette a potion to make her appear dead. When she wakes up, the Friar says, she will have her Roméo next to her. Juliette takes the potion. Her father and the guests arrive to lead her to the chapel. Juliette collapses, appearing dead.
      Act 5
      In the Capulet family crypt, Roméo visits Juliette, who is laid out there. Since Laurence’s explanatory letter has not reached him, he too believes her to be dead and drinks poison out of desperation. Juliette awakens, and they share a final dream of future together. When Juliette realizes that Roméo is about to die, she stabs herself. The lovers die together, asking God for forgiveness.

      Wo. 18 april (19.30):
      ‘Benvenuto Cellini’
      Terry Gilliam (GB 2014)
      Frans gezongen, Engels ondert., 180 min., genre: opera.
      Deze week uitgebrachte bioscoopopname van de Franse opera van componist Hector Berlioz uit 1838. Opgenomen in de Nationale Opera & Ballet in mei 2015. Regisseur: Terry Gilliam (The Fisher King, Brazil, Monty Python), dirigent: Sir Mark Elder met het Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest en het Koor van De Nationale Opera. Zang: John Osborn, Maurizio Muraro, Laurent Naouri, Orlin Anastassov, Nicky Spence, Scott Conner, André Morsch, Marcel Beekman, Mariangela Sicilia en Michèle Losier. Afwijkende toegangsprijs: € 15,-.

      The Florentine sculptor and silversmith Benvenuto Cellini rapidly attained a degree of renown that went beyond the confines of Italy. His flamboyant temperament, his acute awareness of his own talent and the freedom of spirit he flaunted before those in power are all characteristics that inspired Berlioz when he read his memoirs. Invariably embroiled in conspiracies, intrigues and quarrels, Cellini is commissioned by the Pope to cast a large sculpture of Perseus. He is loved by Teresa, but she is promised to Fieramosca, an academic artist who has not been favoured with a papal commission. Terry Gilliam’s exuberant production draws the protagonists into a delirious and joyful yet claustrophobic and megalomaniac world: a flaring up of contagious madness.

      Do. 7 juni (20.00):
      ‘Boris Godunov’
      Ivo van Hove (FR 2018)
      Russisch gezongen, Engels ondert., 140 min., genre: live opera.
      Rechtstreekste live-stream van Modest Mussorgsky’s opera uit 1869 naar Aleksandr Pushkin’s toneelstuk ‘Boris Godunov’ vanuit de Opéra Bastille in Parijs. Regisseur: Ivo van Hove, dirigent: Vladimir Jurowski met het Paris Opera Orchestra and Chorus. Zang: Ildar Abdrazakov, Evdokia Malevskaya, Ruzan Mantashyan, Alexandra Durseneva, Maxim Paster, Boris Pinkhasovich, Ain Anger, Dmitry Golovin, Evgeny Nikitin, Elena Manistina, Vasily Efimov, Mikhail Timoshenko, Maxim Mikhailov, Francisco Simonet en Peter Bronder Afwijkende toegangsprijs: € 15,-.

      In 1824, when Pushkin turned to Boris Godunov for his first historical drama, he knew only too well what a colossus he was tackling. It was armed with his reading of Shakespeare that he matched his skills to the dazzling reign of the Tzar of Russia (1598-1605). Indeed, there are elements of Macbeth in this political fable, in which the ghost of the child that Boris has had killed in order to seize the throne appears as an impostor. Adapting this epic poem, Mussorgsky composed a meditation on the solitude of power, a populist drama in which the real protagonist is the Russian people with its burden of eternal suffering. Pushkin had already wondered, “What is a soul? A melody, perhaps…” Ivo Van Hove is no stranger to grand political frescos having already staged Tragédies Romaines and Kings of War based on plays by Shakespeare. This is his first production for the Paris Opera

      Di. 19 juni (19.30):
      ‘Don Pasquale’
      Damiano Michieletto (FR 2018)
      Italiaans gezongen, Engels ondert., 155 min. (incl. pauze), genre: live opera.
      Rechtstreekste live-stream van Gaetano Donizetti’s opera uit 1863 vanuit het beroemde Palais Garnier in Parijs. Regisseur: Damiano Michieletto, dirigent: Evelino Pidò met het Paris Opera Orchestra and Chorus. Zang: Michele Pertusi, Florian Sempey, Lawrence Brownlee, Nadine Sierra en Frédéric Guieu. Afwijkende toegangsprijs: € 15,-.

      “Foolish indeed is he who marries in old age.” Thus ends Don Pasquale: with a wise dictum not lacking in irony that sums up the disappointments of its hero, a rich bachelor keen to marry who is deceived by his nephew Ernesto and his young bride-to-be Norina. First performed in Paris in 1843, at the turning point of several eras, Don Pasquale, a composite and varied work, is the apotheosis of opera buffa. Performed for the first time at the Paris Opera, the production has been entrusted to the Italian director, Damiano Michieletto, who transports us directly to the sincerity and dramatic splendour at the heart of an apparently light hearted work.

      Filmtheater Voorschoten
      Adres: Prinses Marijkelaan 4, 2252 HH Voorschoten
      Kaartjes vanaf circa een maand voor de voorstellingen: of aan de kassa (geopend vanaf een half uur voor en tot de aanvang van de voorstellingen).
      De zaal is rolstoeltoegankelijk, er is gratis parkeergelegenheid.
      Filmtheater Voorschoten projecteert met een professionele, digitale DCP-bioscoopprojector (doek 8×4 meter) en is aangesloten bij de Nederlandse Vereniging van Bioscopen en Filmtheaters (NVBF).

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