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Hi Loren,

Let’s just look at the facts. A website should be consecutively operative. There is nothing more frustrating for any visitor than to find the site either in disarray or not working at all. A failure proof website should be the main goal of any webmaster. One of the basic problems of WordPress are the plugins. These often produce conflicts which cannot easily be resolved. Yes, you can ‘disarm’ plugins one by one, but that does not solve the conflict. The best thing you can expect is that the makers will correct the problem (as long as they see it as problem). I think we are all regularly faced with conflicts caused by an update. That means that neither WordPress nor the plugin makers are really involved in troubleshooting prior to publication. They are not in the position to check each and every plugin beyond their own hemisphere to see if their own update will work or not in conjunction with one or more other plugins. So it is left to the user to perform try and error. That is WordPress’s everyday’s reality. This is why I wrote that WordPress is poor man’s responsive website design. And WordPress knows this perfectly well: they ALWAYS advise to make a full backup in order to be able to restore AFTER an update. Well, that also depends on a program like W 3 Total Cache. This is also something of a try and error. When the cache is completed, operatin in full, it is often hard to get back to the original status prior to installing a specific update. This is OUR experience. Even after cleaning the entire site by removing SQL and ALL WordPress files (no one left really), we have been more than once faced with EXACTLY the same website layout AFTER the update, instead of PRIOR to the update. Don’t ask me why, but it has happened. After having completely cleared the cache it was possible to restore, although it took our site off line for more than two hours (deleting and restoring process). We always do it manually, after so many disappointing experiences with a variety of WordPress backup programms (this is what a lot of people don’t realise: they feel secure after a backup, without ever trying to restore…).

All in all, WordPress is not failure proof. Any performed update is definite. You can’t go back to the previous installation. I’m very sorry to say that there are too many drawbacks and that over the years (WordPress is on the market for many years already) it still has not been able to resolve the main problems involved in updates, no matter where they come from.

Best regards